Silverstream New World

Project Category: 
Foodstuffs Properties Wellington Ltd
Construction value: 
$5.5 million
Scope of Works: 

The Silverstream New World Supermarket, located in a busy community village with over 3000 residents, is the 11th project undertaken by Armstrong Downes Commercial on behalf of Foodstuffs since 1998.

The project was a new build next to the existing supermarket, significantly increasing retail floor space from 670m2 to 2282m2. The result is a modern, efficient and visually appealing supermarket that lifts the modern, executive village community to a whole new level.

Construction consists largely of concrete panels combined with a full frontage of floor to ceiling glazing. With five rows of large skylights, the store benefits from considerable natural light. The plant room is fully insulated with Gib Noiseline® to ensure maximum noise control.

It has strong design features making an instant statement about being modern whilst caring for customers through the provision of premium supermarket services. The clever use of premium natural materials such as schist stone and macrocarpa timber means the building sits comfortably against the back drop of natural bush and mountains. The interior fitout features a coloured concrete floor with a salt and pepper finish, hand burnt timber signage above featured food displays, and rustic artisan style displays for bakery and bread products.

The design of Silverstream New World sets a new standard in premium supermarket shopping in New Zealand.


Special Info / Challenges: 

The site had strict resource management restrictions including covered access to site, a maximum building height limit of eight metres and a one metre flood level requirement. To meet the latter, the site was built up by one metre, requiring 3000 cubic metres of fill to be brought onto site and compacted prior to construction starting. Onsite work was limited to between 7am and 7pm.

A detailed site programme acknowledged the challenges of the project and provided a solution that could be delivered in significantly shorter time than by competitors.

To meet the demand for full business continuity of the supermarket and surrounding businesses, Armstrong Downes Commercial developed a segmented construction plan covering six specific physical stages. Each stage involved setting up parking, assigning access routes and undertaking site works prior to the beginning of construction. Each stage was closed off prior to work beginning on the next. This process was repeated throughout the project and ensured continuous public access to the doctors’ surgery, dentist, vet centre, café, pub, pharmacy and shops as well as the existing supermarket. Car parking and access for delivery trucks and customers was maintained at all times. With the site in constant use and under constant change, ensuring public safety was paramount.

To meet the very tight timeframes the programme allowed for the client’s subcontractors to start setting up the site with stock, shelving, refridgeration and freezer facilities for the new supermarket three months prior to opening. With careful planning and by working very closely with the client and their own suppliers Armstrong Downes Commercial ensured that the supermarket only lost one day of trading and that was for final shelf stocking by the client.