ADC joins Construction Sector Accord Network

Armstrong Downes Commercial (ADC) is proud to announce that we are now a Construction Contractor member of the Construction Sector Accord Network.

The Construction Sector Accord Network’s purpose is to strengthen the partnership between government and industry to work together to create a high performing construction sector for the benefit of all of Aotearoa.

“We are committed to building a sector that is future-fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We all want a thriving sector, but we need a change in behaviour and practice if we are to get there,”  says Phil Hebden, Commercial Manager at ADC.

By joining the network, Armstrong Downes Commercial has committed to the Construction Sector Accord Network Pledge which includes:

  • Increase productivity – A productive, value-driven and efficient construction sector able to produce more for each dollar spent.
  • Raise capability – A skilled and capable workforce that meets New Zealand’s growing housing and infrastructure needs.
  • Improve resilience – Strong, sustainable businesses with the capacity to innovate and adapt to change and disruption.
  • Restore confidence, pride and reputation – A high-performing, transparent and trusted sector we can all be proud of.

“The Accord’s goals along with its principles are all fundamental to achieving our vision.  Joining the Construction Sector Accord Network allows us to proudly confirm our commitment to this mahi, and hold ourselves accountable to it,” says Hebden. 

We are thrilled to be part of a community that supports positive change in the construction sector in New Zealand. Click here to learn more about the Construction Sector Accord Network.