About Us

Based in our new purpose built office building, Aglionby House and with over 20 years of business success, Armstrong Downes Commercial is now the Hutt Valley’s leading privately owned commercial construction company. 

Owned by two local construction specialists, Simon Taylor and Tony Doile, Armstrong Downes Commercial is a nucleus of in-house Business Management, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Carpenters, Foremen, Health and Safety, Human Resource and Administration staff. Add to this a loyal group of subcontractors, technical specialists and responsive suppliers, and you have a very strong team. Much of our company’s success has been based on the strong relationships and commitment of these people to the business and its clients. Some subcontractors and staff have been working with the company since it was first created in 1992, and are still as enthusiastic about their projects as when they started.

"We are proud of the relationships we have formed over the past 20 years. We know who to trust and who has the skills needed to deliver exactly what is required."

Simon Taylor, Principal.


Our company holds four core values:

  1. To work together in a spirit of co-operation and friendship.
  2. To deliver what we say we will in a fair and honourable way.
  3. To be proud of our Hutt Valley and Wellington roots, and our contribution to continually improving and developing our local community. We are proud to make our region greater, more productive and more enjoyable to live and work in.
  4. To value our success in a quiet and unassuming way. We measure our success in the buildings we construct and the value we add to those investing and using those buildings.


As a company, we appreciate the loyalty and support our customers show to us. When we ask our customers why they choose us, time and time again they tell us it is:

  • Our ability to work with them while they carry on their own work, with minimal disruption.
  • Our excellence in delivery and construction project management that means they know we will build them what they ask for, to their budget, in the timeframe needed, and with no fuss.
  • Our ability to solve problems in a practical and realistic manner.
  • Our extensive local knowledge and trusted network of in house and sub contracted experts.
  • Our ability to make their job and life easier, and their project an enjoyable, rewarding experience that they wouldn’t hesitate to repeat!

We are proud to set the benchmark by which our customers measure all their construction projects.


Simon Taylor - Principal

A co- owner of the company, Simon’s role is to manage the company’s day to day business. Simon manages company performance, finances, administration, and sets and manages project budgets, and Tenders and Registrations of Interest.
Simon joined the company in 1992 as a newly graduated Quantity Surveyor, and since then has worked on many of the company’s successful and high profile developments. Simon’s portfolio of successful Hutt Valley and Wellington based commercial construction projects is extensive, and very valuable on a day to day basis.

Simon is known for his sense of humour and his strong attention to detail.

Tony Doile - Principal

Also co-owner of Armstrong Downes Commercial, Tony is ultimately responsible for each project and project team. When it comes to delivering on time, every time, Tony is always hands on in the middle of it, making sure timeframes are being protected, costs are being managed, clients are being updated and specifications are being met. With all the project management teams reporting daily to Tony, he can be found onsite most of each day.

Tony joined Armstrong Downes in 2003 and brought 15 years of commercial construction experience with him from various roles, and successful projects and companies throughout the greater Wellington region.

Tony and Simon are a strong partnership. Together they are bringing complementary skills, huge local construction experience and knowledge, and a balance of management style. Every single project today has the personal attention of both Principals making for easy communication, efficient decision making, and practical solutions focused on what each customer requires.